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Emma Vieceli [userpic]
Much Ado hurtling along ^_^
by Emma Vieceli (emmav)
at September 24th, 2008 (12:57 pm)

So, Doug reminded me that I haven't updated in a while! oops. I'm beavering away here and pencils have nearly hit that halfway stage. That 'oh my god, I can't believe I'm only half way despite having drawn 100 pages' stage. haha. It can only get better from here ;)

Seriously though, it's coming along nicely and I'm really liking these characters. Currently, I think Don Pedro is shaping up to be one of my favourites, but in a cast like this, it's hard to know who I'm liking more. I hope readers will feel the same. It truly is a sitcom!

So - pages to hopefully interest you ^_^