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Emma Vieceli [userpic]
Much Ado about Nothing is on its final lap!
by Emma Vieceli (emmav)
at January 12th, 2009 (01:38 pm)

This is most likely going to be the last teaser page from Much Ado that I can show, as I'll be done with my pages by the end of this month! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Not for release until May, so I have to be patient - but I'm so close.
Thank you all for the support you've given me throughout. It's your lovely comments that motivate me to carry on.
So, a nice angsty one for you - but no text! MUAHAHA - so hopefully, unless you know the play, you won't know what's going on here.
But you can enjoy the pain all the same. XD


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: January 12th, 2009 01:52 pm (UTC)

Wow! This page looks great! I look so much forward to reading it. So much background, must have took forever to draw. When did you start drawing Much Ado about Nothing? You seem to work pretty fast. Sorry for asking so many questions. I'm dreaming of becoming a mangaka myself! XD

Good luck with you work! Keep up the awsome work.

- Rebecka

Posted by: Emma Vieceli (emmav)
Posted at: January 12th, 2009 01:55 pm (UTC)

Gosh I'm so glad it LOOKS like it took a long time to draw, because it really did!! This is more background than I've ever put in one spread I think, haha.
I'm glad it shows. ^__^
I started back at the end of July, but it feels much quicker. haha, time flies by when you're working hard.

Posted by: Dock (dock)
Posted at: January 12th, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)

This looks so great! The use of black is great too, not too overpowering but really nicely balanced with the gradients and the cloaks on the ground.

Are you using any guidelines for the perspective? Does Manga Studio help you, or are you doing it by eye and on paper?

Posted by: Emma Vieceli (emmav)
Posted at: January 12th, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)

Weeee - thanks, hon!! This one wasn't using the perspective ruler, no - I was using a photo of the cemetary in Bagnone as my guide. For me, the double whammy of background + tone feels great. They're the two things I've struggled with the most over the years, so I feel I'm finally making headway.

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